Been waiting for @kimbramusic ‘s new album to come out for so long! Took me so long to find a store around here that sold it haha! Everyone seriously needs to check it out. #thegoldenecho

I am definitely not a piano player, by all means.. but it’s fun to mess around sometimes. Especially when you have a super old and out of tune piano haha! #boniver #bethrest

My uncle gave me this guitar. Its an old 1960s Decca and it sounds absolutely beautiful.
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~   Bon Iver, Re: Stacks  (via introspectivepoet)

(via introspectivepoet)

my song of the night.

Sometimes I feel like I’m so heartbroken and lonely that my insides could just explode any second from all the pressure I can feel.

It’s weird how I can be surrounded by so many people and so much civilization and still feel painfully and undeniably alone. 

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