Sometimes I wonder why I’m so depressed all the fucking time. It’s like my brain is so broken that I can’t even focus throughout the day because I just feel so alone and unhappy all the time. The thoughts and images that flash through my head can’t be normal. What I fear the most though is not the fact that I’m just so distant from the physical world most of the time but the fact that I’m actually starting to enjoy this secluded bubble I’ve formed within myself. Although, I’m not sure if enjoy is the correct word I’m looking for. The sadness is a bit addicting. I constantly read sad books, watch sad movies, listen to sad music and think sad thoughts. There’s just something so human about the depression I experience even through moments of happiness. It’s literally constant. 

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Union City (by Kei Pham)Been kind of obsessed with jerseys lately haha. I have so many, I seriously need to stop.

The theme song for this look is Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow:

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Opaque  by  andbamnan