I feel so lucky to be able to speak, read, and write in my native language. I can speak it correctly in the right accent too! It makes me so happy that I haven’t forgotten my native tongue. I get so upset with kids that don’t take an effort to learn their own native language.. like, I understand if your parents barely speak it and they don’t really care if you don’t know it or not, but if you have parents that speak it and actually try to get you to learn it… then you should be able to speak it! Like I know that if I don’t understand something in my native tongue, I’ll go to my mom and sit down with her for a lesson on vocabulary. I just love my culture a lot so I really don’t want to leave that part of me to rot. I’m glad and proud to be able to speak my native language. 

  1. riceyrain said: Lucky! I can barely speak Vietnamese and I really wish that I can speak/write more of it. I can barely talk to my dad in Vietnamese and he knows little English, it makes me kinda sad. I’m gonna try to learn more of it soon, very soon.
  2. cuhristinee said: I’m so jealous! I can only speak Vietnamese, not write it!
  3. ed-weirdo said: Yesh I feel this way about tagalogggggggg :33333333333
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    i’m proud :) lol
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